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Community Page Rules

Here at the Retail Oracle we take great pride in our community and team, so to keep this a safe and collabrative environment for all community and team members please abide by these simple rules.

The Retail Oracle's Community Page Rules

No Negativity

If everyone in the world was the same it'd be a pretty boring place, so even though you might not agree with everyones opinion or beliefs please be kind, respect one another and do not talk down on people for expressing there voice this is a free and safe space for everyone. (This includes swearing)

Keep Posts Relevant To Their Topics

Please check before you post something that you are posting in the correct discussion page and there is not already a place where this topic is being discussed to avoid cluttering up conversations. This  keeps the whole Community Page organised and easy to use for everyone!

Use The Space As Intended

We do not look kindly upon people using this space in a manner that it is not intended to be used, This includes: Spamming, unauthorised advertising and anything else that is not relevant to us, our community or the topics of discussion.

Have Fun

Make sure to have fun and engage with the community and team.

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