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Hey! We're So Stocked You're Here!

The Retail Oracle comprised of a small team of people thats young, driven and highly passionate about all things shopping and news. We have youth on our side which means we were raised in the tech savvy generation so we see things differently and therefore are determined to do things differently to take us above and beyond all the other current and traditional media outlets.

To do this we have approached things in an unorthodox, new and creative way to reinvent how people interact and see their news of choice. To achieve this we have created an enormous space for communal involvement where the everyday viewer now has the power to have their voice herd. Whether it be discussing, comparing or chatting with other community members or by voting and collaborating with the team on news and articles more attuned to the interests and passions of the individuals that make up our community.


This will make a HUGE! difference as now we are not just addressing a "target market" like traditional media outlets but an actual community that is close to our hearts, is treasured and loved.

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